Synnøve Cleans Up

Synnøve Cleans Up (Celebrity) / Synnøve Sorts It Out (Celebrity version)

A doG format. Synnøve has been known as the woman with total control over her things and her home. While most others tend to save and stack both clothes and things, to save it for a rainy day, Synnøve has the solution. She has written books on how to organize all your things, and what to save, and what to get rid of.

In this show, Synnøve visits different celebrities, to help them get a system in their own mess. We get a good peak into their private life, as well as their home, and while Synnøve and the participant are sorting out all their stuff, a handman gives one of the rooms in the house, a little make over.

First produced as a series of 10 episodes for Discovery in 2020, and premiered in the fall of 2021.